Monday, July 6, 2009

Call us Nancy Drew

So, funny story (its actually not funny at all).

We came to Kenya to study the usage of 8 water and sanitation facilities in the Kibera slum, and then plan a hygiene education campaign based on our findings.

All sounds good.

The facilities don't work. At all, really.

As in, there are buildings, but some of the toilets aren't hooked to sewage, the ones that are have construction problems, and there is water rationing in Kenya right now, meaning that water is only available at the facilities once or twice a week.

All of this sounds like something that would be obvious to see, but it has taken us about 3 weeks to get to the bottom of it, because everyone we have talked to has a different story.

Every day we are discovering a little bit more of the picture, and right when we think we have an idea of what is going on... we find out there is a little bit more to it.

We are, once again today, back at the drawing board.

So we're going back to Kibera today, again, to do a little more detective work, talk to a few more people, try to figure out why the facilities aren't open.

We have renamed ourselves Team Nancy Drew.

I'm sure something interesting will come out of all of this.... I'm just not quite sure what that will be yet.

Meanwhile, did I mention that there is a water shortage in Kenya?
Read this article.

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Victor said...

That's frustrating. Hmmmmm. I tried to go to the link but it seemed to go to a homepage of sorts, though it may be fixed now. I'm assuming your next post is the intended link. I will read more up on this. I think I also misunderstood what an iko toilet is, but I'm starting to understand. The complication of water shortages sounds crrrrazy. I was also reading about Somalia's issues and how the jihadist want Kenya to move its troops away from the borders. Talk soon.