Friday, November 16, 2012


After the meeting in Budapest, a much needed week of vacation was awaiting!  Tim and I decided to take advantage and visit a couple of nearby European city-gems.  I actually haven't traveled in Europe very much through the years, and was blown away about how easy everything was.  Transportation was a dream - we took trains from city to city, and subways and trams around the cities themselves.  The food and drink was dreamy, streets were clean, 

Tim and I are both non-planners for vacations, so the days were filled with leisurely strolls around the city-centers, food and drink sampling, and winding our way through the days.  It was perfect.  Here are a few pictures from Munich!
On the train from Budapest to Munich!
Shops and shops of clocks!

branding :)
Our first beer garden!
Gigantic pretzel?  Yes please!  This was at the world's most famous beer garden... Hofbrauhaus

Street music... with a baby grand piano..
The end of autumn


My parents met in Germany, and from their stories I've wanted to go since I was a child.  I hope we all get to go back as a family someday to celebrate the beginning of the beginning!

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