Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Over the next week and a half...

 I'll be driving across *almost* the entire continental USA -  - 

Idaho to Connecticut via... Arizona.

Tomorrow = Arizona to see Grandma and Da for a couple of days

Saturday, I pick up Eben in Albuquerque!

Eben's job is to keep me laughing through New Mexico, Texas (the way north part - no Houston this time :(  and Oklahoma..

Then we're on to check out the state of Arkansas (a new one for me!)

Next we play for a day or so in Nashville and drop Ebs off.

Then on to Knoxville for some Mollie lovin!

Next is DC for a hug from Vic (and maybe kidnap him to come drive the rest of the way!)

Then New Haven and New HOME here I come!

I'm excited.

we'll see how I feel on the flip side ;)

The Haywagn is loaded (thanks to some magic loading by Dad and some vacuum packing by Mom)..
Snacks are within arms reach..

Play lists and Spanish podcasts are downloaded..

The body-falling-apart and lost-ipod crises have been averted..

Ready, set, new life adventure ---- GO!



K Bailey said...

WAIT!!!! You'll need to stop in OKC for the night right? Free hotel....I have room! It's 12 hours from Snowflake to me. PLEASE? I just live about ten minutes south of I-40 so not out of your way.

K Bailey said...

Okay-comment number two...I know you're coming thru on I-40 if you're going to Arkansas!