Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Victor Wants me to Have His Babies

I 'morphed' my face with Victors.... and this was the result. Very. Weird. I saw this on a friend's blog and decided it was clearly what I should do instead of write a paper.

Go morph your face with your significant other's and you too could see what your first child will look like:

PS - Let's hope for less of a comb over with the real thing. And maybe less curved teeth. And if its a girl, maybe less five o'clock shadow.

PPS - This is what Morphthing says our child will look like as a baby:
Tell me that is not at least a little cute.

Ok, I am REALLY going to write my paper now.


Genie said...

Again, I'm still trying to get over these images. Thanks for sharing, Haley!

Kent said...

Your morphed kid looks like Joakim Noah (plays for the Chicago Bulls - is about 6' 10" - somehow I doubt that can happen).

Jennifer said...

hahaha. mine looked just as bad. isnt it ridiculous?

Victor said...

Who do the crooked nose and curved teeth belong to?
And is the nose actually crooked or just the way the person posed?