Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is the last week of classes.

Meaning I am almost no longer a student. And I'm leaving for Kenya in just a couple of weeks. Here's what I need to figure out how do to ASAP:

1. Publish chapter from thesis (I have no idea where to start and it makes me kind of sweaty).

2. Learn some conversational Swahili (asante sana!).

3. Write up a business plan for NGO idea.

4. Find something to do that actually sends paychecks for once I get back from Kenya (income is always a perk, right Dad?).

5. End up in the same city as this guy.

OK. Ready go.


Kent said...

Some might consider income a necessity.

Kent said...

See entry of May 14.

Victor said...

You're publishing from your thesis? I bet that's a requirement of Rhodes, right? Did you do it yet? Let me know.

A business NGO plan? Is that related to your independent study?

Victor said...

Am I that guy?