Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Relaxing Dahab

After an amazing day of exploring Cairo with the uncle of one of the girls I am traveling with (he let us stay in an apartment his family owns there and was our personal tour guide through the bazaar), we took an overnight bus to Dahab. We left at midnight and arrived at 10am, completely wiped out and grumpy from the endless security checks, smoking breaks, passport checks etc. that compose the journey across the contested Sinai penninsula.

All day Sunday we spent lounging by the ocean on the ubiquitous cushions that lie in front of every hostel and restaurant here, avoiding the ridiculously agressive shopowners, and making friends with a few kindred spirits....

today is more relaxing, and tomorrow it is back to the chaos of israel.


THE CALLS said...

Few kindred spirits.... I love to read what you write. Relax a little now.


Victor said...

It's also good to read how you write. Interesting. A writer? What?

Wish I was there.