Saturday, March 14, 2009

Made it to Cairo!!

We made it to Cairo on Thursday night! We have been staying at Hostel Lialy in downtown Cairo - I definitely recommend it for anyone coming through, the staff has been very friendly and helped us set up a hassle-free tour yesterday.

All day yesterday was about Pyramids - in Giza, in Memphis, in Saqqra (sp?) -
It was so surreal to be here. Last night we did a dinner cruise on the Nile - super cheesy.

March has to be the perfect time to be traveling here - it is cool in the evenings and mornings, and warm but not too hot in the afternoons.

Today we are exploring the city a bit, and tomorrow we head to the Sinai.

It is wonderful to be decompressing from the intensity of the last few months and being able to do so in such a fabulous place!

I'm loving it all.

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Samantha Williams said...

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! You know, tickets to Egypt aren't that expensive from South Africa--I'm dying to go! Unfortunately, it's a bit out of reach on my intern's salary--but one can dream. It's been great keeping up with you! As usual, you put my blogging frequency to shame. Miss you much and I'm so glad you're living it up!