Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another transition

God willing, I'll be in Denver on Sunday night.
Classes start Monday at 9am.
That how my life seems to roll.

I am sad to be leaving this place and these experiences.
But more than anything, I am thankful.
It has been priceless.

For the last couple years, I have been homeless, and yet somehow I have had a sense of home wherever I have gone. Today, my home is in East Jerusalem. There are so many people here who have become a family to me, and their struggles, pain and joy have become mine.

I'll carry that with me no matter where my body rests at night.
Here's to another transition.

Adios Jerusalem.
Salaam and Shalom.


Emily Boland said...

Hey I hope the first day of class went well. Enjoy making Denver "home" again, I'm sad I'm not there too!

THE CALLS said...

I hope you traveled safe. I hope all is well.

Victor said...

I really hope you keep in touch with some of the people you've met there. Who knows? If you continue in international development you may see them again one day.