Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On Looking And (Not) Being Jewish

actual conversation from the bus yesterday:

woman: brrrrrrrr tov brrrr

me: oh, i'm sorry, I don't speak Hebrew

woman: where are you from?

me: the United States

woman: you are here on Birthright?

me: no, I am here for an internship

woman: you have a very Jewish face. Jewish eyes.

me: Yes, I am told this a lot.

woman: Very Jewish nose. You are Jewish?

me: No, no.

woman: oh.


woman: where do you work then?

me: Rabbis for Human Rights

woman: So you are Jewish?

me: No.

woman: But VERY Jewish face. I think maybe you are Jewish and you just don't know. Everyone in United States is mixed up.

me: Yes, I suppose it is possible.

woman: you have very pretty Jewish hair.

me: ...thank you.

take variations of this conversation and replay 3- 4 times a day.
this is my reality.


Victor said...

Ok, the way you tried to do a Hebrew greeting was HI-LARIOUS!! brrrrrr tov brrrrrrr. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kent said...

You should ask the lady if she's from Arizona since she probably looks like your Great Great Grandma Pace.

Jennifer said...

hahaha. that happens to you here too, but not that much! i wonder what would happen if you just said yes.

Kim Fletcher said...

Your cute Jewish looking mother thinks you are simply BEAUTIFUL :)

Elisa Chen said...

Shalom. Just embrace it Haley.