Sunday, February 22, 2009

I. Love. Jordan.

What did you do this weekend? Me? Oh, you know... I ran over to Jordan for a day or so. Yes, this is my life. How? I have no idea. But, I certainly did go to Jordan and I certainly did love every second of it and can't wait to go back someday.Here is a picture that is everywhere, of all of the Kings of Jordan since independence. Right now King Abdullah is in power (he's the one on the far left). His step-mom, Queen Noir, and wife, Queen Rania, do a lot of speaking in the United States. I took a group of students to hear Queen Noir when I was a teacher.
On the road - this is the view from our mini-van as we were driven towards Petra. Pretty barren. On the way we saw many Bedouins traveling by camel.
And donkey. Check out the reflection of his sheep in the rear view mirror.
We stopped for a view over the desert mountains.
And anywhere we stopped, we of course were welcomed in to souvenier shops, in which invariably the owners would wrap our heads 'like the Bedouins' in an attempt to sell us their scarves.
So mysterious.
On the way back from Petra, we stopped again at an overlook to watch the sunset.
Annnnnd... then we were back, just like that. Shabbat Shalom.


Kim Fletcher said...

Thank you, thank you for these awesome pictures. Can't wait to hear all about this beautiful place.

Victor said...

It does look amazing.