Sunday, February 8, 2009

My precious Bedouin babies

Last Wednesday I went with a human rights worker, Nitsa, out to a Bedouin school. Nitsa teaches Hebrew at the school each Wednesday and took me with her to make some contacts and to see if I could set up some sort of conversation group with the teachers.

I had the most wonderful morning - I spent most of my time talking to one of the teachers, who is 22. She was one of the only people there who could speak English easily, and she was SO excited to talk with me. It turns out that she visited the US a couple of years ago on a language -learning scholarship through BYU - go figure! Her impressions of Utah, Mormons, and the USA in general were hilarious and insitful.

After about an hour of visiting, she asked me to come with her to teach her English class. It was a complete disaster of a class - the kids were all over the place.. but I loved every minute.

I will be going back every Monday to have a conversation group with the teachers - they want to practice English and bounce teaching ideas off of me (I was introduced as an expert teacher - ha!). It is something I am looking forward to greatly.


Jennifer said...

the first book i ever read in college was about a bedouin named Lila Aboulougod (misspelled) and it was amazing.

Victor said...

The Bedouin people have a special reputation. I'll tell you about it later.
But most importantly is the fact that you are still able to bless others and use your teaching skills in which you invested. It reminds me that no past experience has to be lost. How wonderful is that! And you're still connecting with kids.