Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Despite my career and travels, I have been so fortunate to never miss a Christmas at home with my family.  
Whenever I'm driving from the airport and see the wide open spaces and mountains for the first time, I know I'm home.
My mom makes our house turn into a Christmas sanctuary.  Seriously, look at this!  It is like out of a Norman Rockwell painting.
This year, we were so lucky to have all four of our high school bffs home at once.  Being able to catch up all together is so incredible - I love these ladies.
This year, the Fletcher culinary adventure was a Christmas Eve turducken.  Which actually was delicious.
I CANNOT miss an annual viewing of Its a Wonderful Life.
Playing Christmas carols by chime with the ladies.  Look at how amazing they are!
A little snow shoveling, reminding myself I'm an Idaho gal.
Its become an annual tradition to meet my sister in law's family at a cabin in the mountains after Christmas.  This is the beautiful drive up to McCall, Idaho
Snowshoeing with my mama.

Mountain rendezvous with these adorable snow bunnies (cannot tell you how much I love my brother and sis in law)
My brother did a very good job finding a family to marry into.  We adore them.
Our little cabin and not so little icicles  
Sibling love

No trip home could be complete without Grandma's caramel corn
I am a blessed gal.  

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