Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Be the Match

The last few weeks have brought more than their fair share of tragedy for my loved ones.
Sometimes, there is not one thing we can do about it.
But sometimes, there is.
And as I know more and more people personally who are affected by serious illness, the more strongly I feel that I need to do everything I can.

Being put on the bone marrow donation registry has been on my 'bucket list' for a long time.
This morning I came across this site that explains how to sign up for the registry.
They send you a packet, you swab the inside of your mouth and send it back.. and then they contact you if there is someone who is a match for your bone marrow is in immediate need.
There is about a $100 donation that is associated with it so that they can cover the costs of the search for a match etc.

I'm going to do it.
Anyone else want to sign up with me?


K Bailey said...

HHMM.....how bad is recovery for the donor?

Victor said...

I signed up. It must be going around. I'm trying to give blood more regularly, too. I think enough time has passed since South African travels--wait--I went again in March. Ugh.