Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DC snow storm time lapse.

I grew up in Idaho. I thought i knew about snow. The storm in DC this weekend was FOR REAL. We got dumped on with over 2 feet in the time span of about 28 hours (started Friday night, finished Saturday night). Everyone is STILL digging out. Government was closed Monday AND today - and we are supposed to be getting 6 - 16 MORE INCHES tonight and tomorrow morning - meaning it just may be closed tomorrow as well. Cars are still buried under snow - many roads still aren't passable - absolutely crazy. I'll post some pictures soon.

Its all fun and games until you lose power - - fortunately, the house I'm in has had power the whole time. 500,000 other homes weren't so fortunate, and my heart goes out them and hope that everyone found somewhere warm to take refuge.

Check out this time lapse video of the storm - so cool!

(shout out to DCist for posting the video)

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Jen said...

um. whoa. so i guess i should not be upset that it is 45 degrees here and im freezing my butt off. perspective..thanks.