Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunch at the senior center

Last week, our Rotary 'dad' Geoff Antrobus took us to have lunch at a senior center in the township. It was such a lovely afternoon, spent chatting with the folks and eating. I sat at a table of women who had probably about 4 teeth between them, and was AMAZED as they out ate me double fold. At one point as I was slowing down, they asked if I was finished and ate the food off of my plate as well. :) I had a good time trying to use my Xhosa, which has become ridiculously rusty the past couple of months. I hope to return to the center soon to work on some crafts with the women. I was also reminded of the reality of life in the township--- all of the women I was chatting with had lost multiple children to disease and violence. However, they are a living testimony of hope, --- I was bought a knitted hat and scarf from the craft area, as fall weather is setting in. The woman who knitted my scarf had only one hand, but had learned to sew and knit despite her handicap. She did a BEAUTIFUL job - every time I wear it, I will remember her and all of the women at my table.

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