Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Main Salmon River adventure

My parents have been white water rafting with the same group of friends for over 30 years.  They call themselves Boko Floco.  I grew up on river trips with these folks, and this year had the opportunity to go along again for the first time in several years.  It was magical - 6 days of wilderness, white water, gourmet dutch oven cooking, quality time with my folks, camp fire cocktails and guitar circles, and wonderful company.  I loved every minute.

Picture overload ahead, prepare yourself.
Spotted by the road on the drive in to the river put in!

Chacos are destructible after all.

Coolest. Parents. Ever.
White water!
Afternoon hike.
Poison Ivy.  Everywhere.

Gourmet river cooking.
Sangria, dutch oven fresh bread, and fresh fruit salad!  Not exactly your typical camp meals...unless you're with the Boko Floco crew. :)

Bridge jumping!
My momma.

37th anniversary on the river!  Amazing.

One of our Boko Floco crew passed away a few years ago, and this is his memorial on the river that has stayed in tact over several years!

Our home is in those bags!
Boko Floco Main Salmon 2012!


Hard core.
What a wonderful trip!

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Travis said...

Great pics Haley! Can't wait to see the rest. Good luck in Cambodia!