Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Recap of 27

  • It started with my birthday in New Haven
  • Off to New York to See Kate Rach and Pears
  • Then home to Idaho for Thanksgiving
  • Our office moved to Westport :(
  • Home again for Christmas
  • New Year's Eve was spent with Kate, Rach, Pears and Seba at TIMES SQUARE IN NYC!
  • In mid January, I was off to Paraguay for a month to start a new program
  • After the end of the program, I went to Mendoza, Argentina to visit Seba
  • Had a quick trip to NYC to see Elisa
  • My whole family went to the ranch in Arizona to see my grandpa in March
  • April brought the Unite for Sight Conference and a visit from Victor
  • The next day I was off to Cambodia and Vietnam for a planning visit
  • Then three weeks in India to start a new program
  • I had just over a week off and then I met my family in Chicago to see Brian and Jenna's newlywed home
  • I flew straight from there to Vietnam to start a new program in Hanoi - 3 weeks
  • I flew straight from Vietnam to Arizona to see my grandfather again, he was waning.
  • From Arizona I went to Houston to celebrate Parul's marriage - and reunited with both Parul and Kai, as well as other Houston loved ones.
  • I was home for a day, then picked up Eben in upstate New York
  • I moved out of my house and geared up to leave for Cambodia, but my grandpa was getting worse.
  • He passed away on July 27th.  Mateo came to visit the same day.
  • We went to New York.
  • And then I flew to be with my family in Arizona and celebrate my grandpa's life.
  • I stayed with my grandma for 2 weeks.  Just me and her.
  • We found drove to Idaho and found her a new house.
  • When Eben came back from Ethiopia, we took a road trip over Labor Day Weekend to Montreal, Canada.
  • At the end of September, my parents came to visit and we drove all over New England looking at the fall colors.
  • Then we met Brian and Jenna in NYC.
  • A week later, I flew to Ireland for our annual Network Meeting - I was in charge of planning it this year.
  • Then my colleagues and I traveled around Ireland for a week.
  • I was back for 2 days, and then flew to Paraguay for a planning visit
  • Then spent a weekend in Florida at a great Experiential Education Conference
  • Then flew to Idaho to present at a conference for camps that serve children with cancer.
  • Then it was my birthday in New Haven, once again.
And just like that, 27 is gone, and 28 has begun.

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