Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ireland Ireland Ireland

Our first night - a walk along the Liffey in Dublin

Liz and I pretty pleased to be in Ireland

Our first sheep.. in Ireland.  I almost jumped out of the car I was so excited.

Barretstown Castle, where we held our GPI Network Meeting

View of the Barretstown from the top of the castle

Aly, me, Liz and Tim - dream team :)

A little evening serenade in the drawing room of the castle?  Yes please.

The official 2011 GPI team - the ones I punch the clock with every day!

Maire framing the full moon!

Doing as you should do with full moons

After the end of the Network Meeting, we were officially on vacation!  Celebrating with our first real Irish Guiness!

Happy?  Why yes!

Late night snacks

We rented a car to tour the country. Liz drove. Tim told us where to go.  I sat in the back, just like I like it.

Beautiful Galway

Night in Galway

Yes you are.

A little Irish coffee to start the morning right!


Blarney Castle
You know what's coming, right? You have to kiss it!

Success!  I now have the Gift of Gab!

My favorite Irish saying!


I really like this picture.  Kind of creepy, yes.  But still.. cool, right?

Live music in the pubs - what we looked for every evening

Guiness Factory!

The Guiness Factory (no joke) was actually one of the coolest educational experiences I've had in a long time.  I came home inspired about designing interactive education spaces and design thinking in general - whoever created this place is amazing and I would love to work with them someday.

Pouring the perfect pint - I'm even certified!

Dublin Cityscape

Occupy Dublin! Its everywhere!

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