Friday, June 3, 2011

A photo tour of what I've eaten this week in Vietnam.

I realized yesterday that 99% of the pictures I have taken since getting back to Vietnam are of the food... so that's all I have to show for my week.  The good news is that Vietnamese food is one of my favorite things on this planet.  This is all street food, by the way... and (knock on wood VERY hard )- I haven't gotten sick once!

 Bun cha - my favorite food in the world.
 Sidewalk barbeque - they bring the meat and the grill, you cook! 
 Spring rolllllls - actually they said this was some other form of Pho..
 MORE bun cha - yuuuuuum!
 Greens and some kind of mystery meat.
And my personal favorite - we went on a search for a restaurant, and a little girl said to follow us.. so we did... and we ended up in her house!  They slapped us down in the middle of their bedroom, pulled in some plastic tables, and served us a small feast.  Oh Hanoi, you warm my heart!

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