Monday, March 1, 2010

I had a Georgetown Cupcake.

I have been hearing about these fancy cupcake places for a while.
I half thought it is was a ridiculously pretentious little fad, and half thought that it sounded pretttty delicious.

So Victor promised to take me for a fancy cupcake while I was in DC (it seemed like a fancy date for a fancy big city.. you know.. something fancy city people do)

The night before Valentines Day, he took me to Georgetown Cupcakes, and I ordered the Red Velvet cupcake because the menu said they are KNOWN for their Red Velvet cupcakes.  Plus the frosting looked preeeettttty delicious, especially since I got to stare at racks and racks of the little beauties as we stood in line for 45 minutes.

Yes, I said 45 minutes.  The line was SOOO long.  I thought it was just because everyone and their mom were probably getting cupcakes for Valentines day, but when I asked the cashier/cupcake maker, she said it was like that EVERY NIGHT!  WHAT?!?!

It all started to make sense when I learned that apparently, they are about to make a reality show about Georgetown Cupcakes (why is this not even surprising anymore?!)  So you can watch the cupcake drama unfold yourself on TLC.

Anyway, needless to say, the cupcake was indeed as delicious as they say.  I would go as far as to say it was THE BEST Red Velvet cupcake I have ever had.  Granted, I've never had Red Velvet anything before, so... I don't have a lot to compare it to.

Thanks V!!


Karlee said...

How long are you in DC... Im coming to visit in 3 weeks are you still going to be there.... I want to see you!!!!

Haley said...

I left last week. :( Sorry I'll miss you, though who knows.. maybe I'll be back? One never knows these days...