Friday, October 17, 2008

Precious Preschoolers + Origami

When Victor was here a few weeks ago, he volunteered with me at St. Phillip's preschool. We took an origami 'pig' project for the kids. The results were just precious. However - I VASTLY overestimated the paper folding abilities of preschoolers. I thought we were going to have a whole farm of animals by the end of the morning, but we were lucky to even get through the pig. These kids light up my week every Tuesday - just look at how precious they are.

This is the 'model' of the pig we were folding. I got instructions from


Elisa Chen said...

Sooo precious!! Btw, how did you take those cool pics that are part color and part black and white??

Haley said...

Hey E! I did it on picasa - my camera doesn't take pics like that, so I just played with it afterwards... cant' WAIT to see you in Keeeeeeeeeenya!